Julie Maclean Interior Design

Julie Maclean trained in Interior Design (1999-2001) following a career in international marketing, which involved travelling extensively and living abroad. Her overseas experiences have considerably influenced and enhanced her work as a designer. She has run a successful interior design consultancy for more than 15 years, undertaking a wide variety of residential projects.

Julie specialises in comprehensive renovations, using her expertise and experience to deliver original and sometimes radical solutions. She creates soft and flattering lighting schemes, and provides practical and imaginative solutions to tricky storage problems.

Her designs are beautifully perceptive, reflecting and complementing her clients' homes and lifestyles. She loves finding beautiful and original items that her clients will truly treasure, whether its art, furniture, an antique or a piece of sculpture. She is continually seeking new products and ideas, artists and artisans, and maintains a keen interest in industry developments.